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» Not with these majesty, these kinds of bold reduction, The sorts august, of king, or conquering chief, E’er swelled on marble as in verse have shined (In polished verse) the manners and the mind. Oh! could I mount on the Mæonian wing, Your arms, your steps, your repose to sing! What seas you traversed, and what fields you fought! Your country’s peace, how oft, how dearly bought! How barb’rous rage subsided at your term, And nations puzzled even though they dropped the sword! How, when you nodded, o’er the land and deep, Peace stole her wing, and wrapped the environment in sleep Till earth’s extremes your mediation own, And Asia’s tyrants tremble at your throne- But verse, alas! your majesty disdains And I am not used to panegyric strains: The zeal of fools offends at any time, But most of all, the zeal of fools in rhyme.

Moreover, a destiny attends on all I compose, That when I purpose at praise, they say I chunk. A vile encomium doubly ridicules: You will find nothing at all blackens like the ink of fools. If real, a woeful likeness and if lies, «Praise undeserved is scandal in disguise:» Effectively may possibly he blush, who presents it, or gets And when I flatter, permit my filthy leaves (Like journals, odes, and these types of neglected factors As Eusden, Philips, Settle, writ of kings) https://www.reddit.com/r/EssayTracks/comments/198zgxp/help_with_essay_writing_please/ Dress spice, line trunks, or, flutt’ring in a row, Befringe the rails of Bedlam and Soho.

THE 2nd EPISTLE OF THE 2nd E-book OF HORACE. rn»Ludentis speciem dabit, et torquebitur. » Hor.

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(v. )Dear Colonel, Cobham’s and your country’s mate! You enjoy a verse, get this sort of as I can mail. A Frenchman will come, provides you with his boy, Bows and starts-«This lad, sir, is of Blois: Notice his condition how clear! his locks how curled! My only son, I’d have him see the earth: His French is pure his voice too-you shall listen to. Sir, he’s your slave for 20 pound a 12 months.

Mere wax as but, you manner him with ease, Your barber, prepare dinner, upholsterer, what you remember to: A fantastic genius at an opera track- To say as well much may possibly do my honour wrong. Just take him with all his virtues, on my phrase His complete ambition was to serve a lord: But, sir, to you, with what would I not aspect? Though faith, I fear ’twill split his mother’s heart. At the time (and but once) I caught him in a lie, And then, unwhipped, he had the grace to cry: The fault he has I reasonably shall expose, (Could you o’erlook but that) it is to steal.

» If, right after this, you took the graceless lad, Could you complain, my mate, he proved so lousy? Religion, in this kind of scenario, if you really should prosecute, I think Sir Godfrey should really make a decision the suit: Who despatched the thief that stole the money away, And punished him that set it in his way. Take into account then, and decide me in this gentle I informed you when I went, I could not create You mentioned the exact and are you discontent With rules to which you gave your own assent? Nay worse, to question for verse at such a time! D’ye believe me fantastic for practically nothing but to rhyme? In Anna’s wars, a soldier lousy and old Had dearly gained a minor purse of gold Worn out with a wearisome march, a single luckless evening, He slept, inadequate pet dog! and misplaced it to a doit.

This place the male in these a desperate intellect, > Involving revenge, and grief, and starvation joined > Towards the foe, himself, and all mankind, > He leaped the trenches, scaled a castle wall, Tore down a regular, took the fort and all.

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